A019 Indigo CD 43102

01 Iolite "Trancelite" by Francis A. Preve
02 Eventide by "Riptide" Front 242
03 Majesty by VNV Nation
04 Mercy by cut.rate.box
05 Majesty "Premonition" byAssemblage 23
06 Love the Giver by Eskil Simonsson of Covenant
07 Iolite "Octaine Mix" by Octaine
08 Time and the Maiden "Luxt Mix" by Luxt
09 Blinking Tears by haujobb
10 Bittersweet "LSD Mix" by Love Spirals Downwards
11 Everafter "Singing in the Rain" by J.Stephen Foster
12 Majesty "Beborn Mix" by Beborn Beton
13 Serenade "Trance to the Sun Mix" by Trance to the Sun