A025 EFA 03625-2

01 Angels Of Venice Luna Mystica
02 Diary of Dreams Bladerunner '01 Director`s Cut by A. Hates
03 Assemblage 23 Anthem -Stronghold
04 Cut.Rate.Box Zionsank
05 Diorama Advance -Edit Version
06 Haujobb Unseeing
07 Claire Voyant Blinking Tears -Cleaner Remix Version
08 Psyche Unbreakable
09 Cleaner Fun To Be Head -Dub Mix
10 GASR Conspiracy
11 Megadump Der Kreis -Hot Shower Mix
12 Aesma Daeva Introit -Remind

Bonus Tracks:

13 Cut.Rate.Box. feat. Stefan Netschio (Beborn Beton) In Your Eyes
14 The Azoic Progression (Dirge) remixed By Assemblage 23
15 Diary of Dreams Forestown
16 Diorama Feat. Katrin You And Ice
17 Claire Voyant Blinking Tears_For Adrian